Tuesday, May 9, 2023

How does dishonesty hurt you?

 Why do people lie?

There are usually two reasons people lie. One is out of fear of the consequences or what others may say or think about them. Another reason may be that they are greedy and want something to earn. They may even think they are owed something they have yet to work for.

What are the consequences of dishonesty?

Did you know that lying brings negative energy into your life and causes people to lose the trust of their friends and family? When someone lies, they become untrustworthy and risk others not believing them when telling the truth. Think about it, would you trust someone that never told you the truth?

Lying hurts the people we lie to because it makes them feel unsafe and threatened, breaking our bonds with people. Have you ever been lied to? Did it make you feel bad?

Gradually lying becomes a habit, and lying takes more energy than telling the truth because you have to remember the lie you said instead of recalling the fact.

How do you stop lying?

If you lie to someone you care about and realize that you may have injured your relationship with that person, you can fix it by apologizing as soon as possible. An example of a good apology is, "I lied to you, and I should not have. I apologize for hurting you because I realize it would have hurt me if you lied. I don't want to make anyone feel like that. Please forgive me." 

A person in the habit of lying should practice the art of giving and accepting forgiveness. Doing so might help break the habit, relieve the guilt of hurting others, and allow you to see things from another's perspective.

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